Acoustic Panels

Perforated galvanised steel laminate panels filled with a mineral wool core produce excellent sound reducing walls and ceilings.

Sound energy travels in the form of waves or vibrations. When these vibrations are set in motion, the sound energy is converted into heat energy as the medium in which they are travelling is vibrated. This is known as thermodynamic transfer.

As sound travels through the air, it can enter our acoustic panel through the holes in the perforated steel. The sound waves pass into the panel, vibrating the wool fibres inside, hence very efficiently converting the sound energy to heat energy; removing sound from the environment. 

Our acoustic panels are perfect for removing direct sound, sound reflections, and echoes from an environment.

Furthermore, the insulation used has Euroclass A1 fire rating, making it ideal for installation on most industrial and commercial sites.

Clip joints are advised to hold the panels tightly together, reducing leakage of sound through the joints.

A variety of colours can be used on the external side to match the surrounding area.

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