Poultry Window Shutters/Blinds

At Panelbond, we have an insulated panel design which provides the perfect profile to snuggly fit and seal poultry house windows - helping to maintain temperatures, conserve energy, and reduce drafts.

Truly Bespoke Shutters

We can produce shutters to your exact specification.

Tell us your required dimensions, desired internal/external colours, and the insulation you prefer, and we'll be able to produce the perfect shutter for your poultry housing.

Red Tractor Assurance (RTA) plans to have windows in poultry houses which equate to a minimum of 3% in floor areas by 2023. This applies to old sheds as well as new builds. 

With our panel design and specification flexibility, we hope to help reduce the expected increases in energy costs which will come hand in hand with the new poultry standards.

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Poultry shed window shutters can be produced to fit your exact design specification. 

Have your say on dimensions, colour, and edge profile.

Red Tractor Assurance (RTA) plan to penalise broiler producers that do not have windows in sheds which equate to a minimum of 3% in floor areas by October 2020. 

With our bespoke manufacturing service, we hope that we can work with customers to match the window shutter design on old projects to make retro-fitting as painless as possible.

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