Panelbond are able to manufacture an insulated corner panel, unique to the market, which offers a number of advantages over a traditional corner joint between two panels.

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Improved Thermal Performance

Reduced thermal bridging:
An insulated corner panel eliminates the junction between two panels, reducing thermal bridging and improving overall wall insulation. The internal steel face remains thermally separated from the external environment, minimising heat transfer.

Enhanced Structural Integrity:
Increased strength and stability: A single, insulated corner panel offers greater structural integrity compared to two separate panels joined at a vulnerable angle.

Cost Saving:
Reduced installation time and complexity: Installing a single corner panel is quicker and easier than aligning and fixing two separate panels to form a corner. This can lead to increased construction efficiency and reduced labour costs.

No more flashings:
By installing a single corner panel, you can do away with the additional flashings and ancillaries required for a conventional corner installation – along with the labour costs to fit these.

Improved Aesthetics:
Seamless appearance: An insulated corner panel creates a clean and continuous exterior surface, eliminating the visible joint between two panels. This enhances the aesthetic appeal.

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