At Panelbond you are able to fully customise the design of insulation panels to ensure they meet all of your business requirements.

All of our panels are supplied with a plastic film coating for protection during transit/installation.

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For food processing and clinical environments requiring ultimate cleanliness, white foodsafe laminate steel is the obvious choice to provide a barrier against contaminants.

Direct Food Contact Safe: Unlike some paints or coatings, the laminate is specifically engineered for direct contact with food, eliminating risk of contamination and adhering to strict food safety regulations.

Impregnable Surface: The non-porous, smooth finish repels bacteria growth and staining, making cleaning and maintenance easy.

Durable and Long-lasting: The steel core offers exceptional strength and resistance to scratches and corrosion, ensuring years of reliable service in demanding environments.

Aesthetically Pleasing: The bright white finish creates a modern and hygienic look, promoting a professional and sanitary atmosphere.


Plastisol is a premium pre-painted steel designed for demanding industrial applications. Its defining feature is the 200μ thick, embossed leathergrain plastisol coating, offering a combination of exceptional durability and workability.

The robust plastisol layer delivers uncompromising weather resistance. It shields the steel substrate from harsh environmental elements, including UV radiation, temperature extremes, and corrosion – minimising maintenance and maximising lifespan. This highly workable steel bends easily without compromising strength, making it ideal for industrial roofs, facades and countless other demanding applications.

Available in a large range of colours.

plastisol leathergrain


GreenCoat logo

GreenCoat® is SSAB’s brand for innovative, sustainable colour coated steel solutions for the building industry. Widely used in sustainable architecture, GreenCoat® products offer an extensive range of colours inspired by Nordic nature. Most GreenCoat® products feature a bio-based coating which uses a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil fuel oils. This unique, patented solution from SSAB reduces the environmental footprint significantly – and it makes the GreenCoat® colour coated steel product portfolio the market’s greenest on offer.

GreenCoat® Pural BT colour coated steel offers a coating that is optimized to resist weathering resulting in the highest UV (Ruv5 for matt appearance) and corrosion classes (RC5+). The slightly structured surface helps to protect against mechanical wear and is easy to handle.

GreenCoat® FoodSafe BT colour coated steel is a premium interior product that features a bio-based coating using a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil. The slightly structured surface is easy to clean and very good formability provides a reliable solution for premises where unpacked food is handled.

GreenCoat Colourful Steel


Engineered for Performance and Hygiene: 304 bright annealed stainless steel offers a comprehensive solution for panels used in the most demanding industrial and foodsafe environments. Its combination of corrosion resistance, hygiene, strength, and aesthetics makes it the ideal choice for applications in industrial, food, and medical sectors.

Corrosion Resistant: Its austenitic microstructure and low carbon content provide exceptional corrosion resistance against harsh chemicals, weathering, and industrial pollutants.

Thermal Stability: Reliable performance across a wide temperature range. This can improve fire safety by maintaining structural integrity under high temperatures.

Hygienic: The non-porous, smooth surface repels dirt and bacteria, simplifying cleaning and minimising downtime. Inert composition and REACH compliance make it ideal for food and medical applications, where hygiene is paramount.

Aesthetically pleasing: The mirrored surface reflects light to enhance interior brightness. Available in various textures and polishes, it offers design flexibility without compromising functionality.

For coastal environments, marine applications and harsh chemical exposures, 316 grade stainless steel should be considered for its superior corrosion resistance. 316 grade excels in resisting pitting and crevice corrosion, making it ideal for applications involving salt water, chlorine, or acidic brines. This translates to longer lifespans and reduced maintenance costs.


Suitable for demanding environments, Aluzinc is a composite of aluminium, zinc, and silicon. Aluzinc delivers exceptional corrosion resistance against harsh chemicals, weathering, and industrial pollutants across a wide temperature range. Its light-reflective surface complements both function and aesthetics.

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