At Panelbond, we understand the intricacies of construction and the value of streamlined solutions. To fully customise panels so they’re ideally suited to their function, we offer the following additional services:


Panel Inserts

Panelbond offers the service of incorporating inserts for fixings and utility management within your panel system.

We offer a wide range of insert options which can seamlessly be added into your panels during the manufacturing process.

You specify:

  • Material
  • Sizing
  • Placement


Panelbond offers a pre-cut aperture service, tailored to your specification, to help streamline your installation process.

  • Minimise on-site labour, reducing labour costs and increasing safety.
  • Faster installations.
  • Eliminate mess and dust.
  • Reduce on-site noise levels.
  • No potential on-site cutting errors.
Panel Inserts

Panel Labelling

Panelbond offers a panel labelling service to increase efficiency on site.

  • Faster identification: Clearly labelled panels save time when sorting through panels, especially for projects with numerous sizes.
  • Reduced risk of confusion: Labelled panels prevent confusion between similar looking panels with subtle variations.
  • Reduced installation errors: Accurate labelling minimises the risk of installing panels in the wrong location, avoiding costly rework and delays.
  • Enhanced communication: Precise labelling facilitates clear communication between manufacturers, designers, and installers.

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